Craigslist PVA for your ads

Craigslist phone verified accounts has assisted craigslist keep a check on the frequency of the ads posted by the users. Now craigslist is able to keep a check on the people who post ads and how frequently they post ads. By going through with this, craigslist has been able to check the number of unwanted spam and ads which is posted on this classified internet site. When craigslis was first started, it was fundamentally an unrestricted classified web site. But a few problems cropped up regarding the number of spam ads that was posted.  To overcome such problems, one of the things that craigslist introduced was Craigslist phone verified accounts. This assists limit the number of ads posted by a single individual.

After discovering the great results produced by this concept which was introduced and tested in the erotic services section, craigslist decided to get them introduced in all services section. After the implementation of craigslist PVA, a drastic reduction in the quantity of the ads being posted in the services section of craigslist was noted. This was because, several advertisers were using several accounts to post their ads. After the effectuation of craigslist PVA, such advertisers did not have enough number of phone numbers which they could use to verify their numerous accounts. A particular phone number can only be used once to verify only one account.

These restrictions had hidden rewards for the numerous legitimate advertisers of craigslist. With the introduction of Craigslist PVA, the number of ads being posted is less and legitimate advertisers have a better chance of having their ad seen by potential clients.

Craigslist PVA makes sure that an account can post only one ad for every 48 hours. This is the main change seen in craigslist. There are several web sites which will give you the craigslist phone verified accounts. One such web site is This web site will help those advertisers who need more than one account, get them easily. They offer craigslist PVA which can be used or can be sold to someone else for profit. They also supply you with unique US IP address and a US based phone number.

An e-mail account with yahoo, hotmail or gmail is also provided by this firm. With the help of this website you will be able to get multiple PVA with a fresh IP address and phone number. These accounts will be created with in 72 hours.